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Fireplace With Certificated Fuel And Decorative Stone Gift

Fireplace With Certificated Fuel And Decorative Stone Gift

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Metal Black Color Fireplace
It is non-combustible, static painted, 4 mm. Durable up to 250 degrees z, unbreakable, safe use with "Tempered Glass".
It is environmentally friendly, it burns odorless and smokeless with bioethonol fuel.
Width: 15 cm /5.90 in Length: 34 cm / 13.38 in Height: 8 cm / 3.14 in
Glass piece : 11 cm / 4.33 in, 27 cm / 10.62 in
Weight: 2.5kg
Combustion chamber dimensions
Top 26.5 x8.5 cm / 10.43x3.34 in Bottom :23.5x4 cm / 9.25x1.57 in Height :3.5 cm / 1.37 in

Tempered glass should be checked before use. Cracked and damaged glass loses its durability. For this reason, cracked damaged glass should not be used.
1.Fuel filling
The grate is filled with fuel by pouring it from the top. You will observe that the wick in it absorbs the fuel.
Make sure that the fuel does not overflow from the reservoir, does not spill around, and does not leak under the fireplace.
After filling the chamber, it should not be moved. Fuel may leak from the sides due to the tilted surface.
After refueling, it should be ensured that the chamber is not leaking before the fireplace is ignited. The surrounding and bottom of the fireplace should be checked.
Make sure that there are no flammable objects/objects around the fireplace.
Take measures to prevent children and pets from interfering with the fireplace. Do not leave it alone with the fireplace.
Leave a safe space around the fireplace by foreseeing the tulle and similar situations that will fly due to the wind.
The task of the fireplace is to make you watch its flame. Do not leave it while it is burning. If you need to leave it long enough to be out of sight, please turn it off. You can use it by lighting it again when you are ready.
Do not move the fireplace, do not add fuel, do not ignite, do not blow, while the fireplace is burning.
If you are going to use the fireplace again after it is turned off, wait at least 20 minutes for the chamber to cool, then refuel.
Fireplace apparatus such as glass gets hot during combustion, do not touch it.
Please be positive and enjoy while your fireplace is burning.
We send "extinguishing apparatus" together with the fireplace.
When you are finished using it, it is enough to leave the apparatus to cover the reservoir.
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